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    Default How do Cash Settlements Work in Workers Comp Cases

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Ia

    I am ending my three year battle with work comp. I did not get a cash settlement as I thought I would. I lost my job due to my restriction but did
    qualify for SSDI first time. I had a high impairment but will end and finsih out my final WC payment shortly. I always thought I would be paid for job loss and my company would take care of me as I had a long career with them. Not so.everyone is just a number. I do have an open medical and i did have an attorney. I always thought I would get more than what I did. But through the years I read on this forum about cash settlements and that would not be my case. Why is it I read about cash attorney stated I got the number of weeks alloted for my injury and open medical not much else there. Is this how it works? Thanks............

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    Default Re: Finished

    Yup, that's how it works.
    You are compensated for impairment due to your injury, or lost ability to compete in the open labor market, a %PD, the state has predetermined a number of weeks based on your PD rating.
    There is no money for what you thought you'd be compensated for. No pain and suffering, job loss etc.

    You have been paid the benefits you are eligible for, including access to additional medical treatment.

    IF in the future the carrier wants to cash out your will likely see no cash there either as any money you receive for medical will have to be "setaside" in an account to be used only for medical care Medicare would normally be responsible for.

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    Default Re: Finished

    more information on settlements in Iowa

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