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    Hello everyone,

    I have a doctors visit today to go over my right shoulder MRI. I still have major pain in my neck, RT shoulder, lower back and RT arm. My last visit we went over my Cervical Spine MRI, which showed Cervical Ridiculitis and degenerative disc desease. The doctor gave me pain meds and ordered MRI for RT shoulder and injection into my neck. He told me before he even saw the RT shoulder MRI I can go back to work today 1/31.

    As mentioned I am still in major pain. I have not received approval for the injections, which the doctor told me would relief my pain. What do you suggest I tell the doctor to keep me on TTD? Besides the pain medication is not working well and being on the computer more then a hour gives me severe headaches, which I treat by lying down on a ice pack for 20 minutes or so.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. My doctors appointment is at 1:30 today Arizona time.

    Thank you

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    Ask your Dr for temp restrictions...lifting, standing, sitting etc.
    If your ER cannot provide modified job... you should remain on TTD.

    Have to have the medical evidence, Dr certification disability exists to rec TTD. Your status is between you and your Dr, others opinions won't matter, and there is nothing more specific you can tell the Dr to remain TTD.

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    Thank you I planned to ask him why I am still in so much pain and what is his plan. I already have from his my last visit return to work with many limitations including only a 4 hour work day for the next 10 days. However I no longer have my job and that seems to comfuse the doctor on what to do. Almost like he is scared of WC IC. I don't know why he doesn't believe my pain is severe and not just moderate.

    I just thought someone on the site had experience this situation before and was able to make suggestions how to tell the doctor I am not ready to return to work. It seems like Cervical Ridiculitis is not a big deal!!!! I believe it's what is causing my headaches and arm/hand to hurt so bad.

    Well it is what it is!!! If someone has any suggestion, thank you in advance. I want to work, but in this pain I don't see how.....

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