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    Default No Reply from Worker's Comp Insurance

    I have left a number of messages with my CA asking her the status of my claim. Is it typical for CA not to return calls? I am trying to find out if all paperwork has been completed, when will they approve my Cervical Injections and when I can expect to receive a check!!! I should be eligible for 14 days TTD and roughly 4 weeks TPD (allowed to return back to work 4 hours a day).

    Two MRI's were approved, presciptions and me seeing my doctor. The only other communication I have had with the IC/CA was the first call "CA asking me to explan what happened" and a letter from IC for me to see one of there doctors, which I am scheduled 2/22/13.

    Any help with this experience would greatly be appreciated, thank you.

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    if you are represented it is unethical for the employer/carrier to discuss your case directly with you.

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    I am not represented at this time.

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    Call back, and ask to speak with a claims unit manager.

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