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    Default Worker's Comp Lawyers for Oil Field Injuries

    Hello....I am in need of a good W/C attorney in North Dakota that handles Oilfield Injuries. I spoke to one that was recommended to me and boy.....was he a jerk!! Straight to the point....if I don't have money to pay him...he didn't even want to talk to me. I guess I need an attorney that will take a case on contingency basis. My husband has developed CTS while on the job over 1 1/2 years....finally got to where he couldn't work much with hands because of the numbness and pain. Removed from Derrick duties because last time he went up he had to come down with arms as hands were to numb. Keep telling supervisors and nothing was done. Finally he got a write up because they said he was making excuses why he couldn't do things and at the time of write up he told the main supervisor that he has developed symptoms like CTS and told the rig operators this for awhile now. My husband told his main Supervisor that he had an appointment to go see his doctor on days off....and the Main Supervisor and Safety coordinator took him in to see the doctor that they us. This Dr. said he definitely had CTS...but said he didn't think it was work related......yeah right!! He has never had these symptoms anytime in the past....and when he saw our Dr. she said she thinks that it probably is work related and told him that he needs EMG..nerve conductor tests done and that he should go ahead and file a w/c comp claim. When he returned to his days on...he told his main supervisor what the doc said and that he wanted to go ahead and file a w/c claim. MS hem-hawed around and finally a few days later my husband was told to have his doc fill out a FIT for Duty form and return to MS. Several days went by so I call an ND W/C and filed it myself as the agent told me that any injured worker has a right to file a claim and if the employer was not filing it....then I should. Well...several days later we received the paperwork from ND W/C to finalize. I guess the company also received theirs at the same time because my husband was terminated the very next day!!
    So now we need to find an attorney!!
    Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Default Re: In Need of a W/C Attorney in Nd That Handles Oilfield Injuries

    Info on WC in ND is here
    try a google search for attys in ND. Check with the state bar for referral. Or the WC commission/court clerk.

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