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    Default Answering Questions About an Old Worker's Comp Claim

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: ms: my empolyer has sent me a interogatories propounded. they r asking me a lot of questions. they ask if i was on workcomp before. i was but it was a long time ago about 16 years ago . i dont remember the name of the company i work for r the medical expenses. i dont remember anything about the job . i no i had a shoulder injury an had surgery . can they find out about it or what ? i dont no what to tell them . they are asking so many qusetions. i dont remember that many years ago . what should i say? iam fighting them about my knee surgey. how can i find the info they want .

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    Default Re: Long Time Ago; on Workcomp a Long Time Ago

    I wouldn't mention it, it's a non-issue.
    If it does come up (which I doubt) simply say "oh that's right, I forgot about that"

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    Default Re: Long Time Ago; on Workcomp a Long Time Ago

    Where is your attorney?
    From the info here, it appears you can an open comp claim with this employER, which is being denied (?)

    You should not answer these interogatories without the advice of a attorney.

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    Default Re: Long Time Ago; on Workcomp a Long Time Ago

    i have an attorney ,i have to send the answers back to him. i just wanted advice on how to answer some of the attorney is out of state n i will mail them back. dont want to call him on every question. will they be able to c my medical records from 16 or 17 years ago?

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    Default Re: Long Time Ago; on Workcomp a Long Time Ago

    Me and lawyer just signed the wrkrs comp adjusters offer of 58, 000 $ two days ago. When will I have a check in hand .?? And how do I cash a check that big without my own bank account

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