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    Angry Home Health Care on WC

    I am a home health nurse I have been in this field for almost 20 yrs. My husband was injured and he has had multi surgeries because of it, the Dr ordered home health care for him and requested that I be the one to do it so it was less stress added to him as well as he will not allow anyone else to dress or bath him. He needs help with almost everything in the home. It has been since the 12th of Febuary since the Dr ordered this I have taken time off work because of it, I was told in the beginning I would be the one doing it now the story has changed now they do not know. I have lost out on pay and so fourth. Now I am being told for the time I had to take off to care for him may not get paid and still they have not brought someone into the home so I can return to work. We need to be a two income house and with him on WC and me having to take time off has really hurt us. I do not know what to do and I need help to see if FAMILY can care for a person in the home and if so how long does it take to get a answer he had surgery the 12th of last month this should not take this long. I feel like I am getting jerked around not only by WC but this attorney who is suppose to be really good yet not getting the job done on either side. They are both saying it is out of their hands and up to a nurse. Are you kidding me so no one can tell me a strait yes or no. Let alone get someone in here to take care of him REALLY.... Any answers would be great thank you so much

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    Default Re: Home Health Care WC

    His Dr must provide the medical necessity, request for prior authorization from the IC.
    Depending on the specific needs, and evaluation by visiting nurse, the carrier can insist on a agency nurse to come at the times assistance is necessary, this goes to liability, a visiting nurse would be covered by liability ins, you are not.

    Your atty is doing what can be done, there is no "yes/no" to every question at the time we expect one. If the home health is denied, you'll have to go to court for a judge to decide the issue.

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