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    Default What if an Injury Prevents You From Taking a Seasonal Job

    In DE - I am curious if a person is employed by the state of DE for approx 3-4 mos as a coach for the local school and the injury happens during the course of that particular job, are you covered for loss of wages for your next seasonal job? The coach had shoulder surgery after that particular sport season was over and the State of DE paid for the surgery & rehab but there were no lost wages as he waited till after the season. He will be laid up for a while. The coach normally does a summer seasonal job elsewhere (has for the past 7 yrs or so) but will be unable to do that as it is a physical job. This is where he makes his money to go to college. The question is, is the State of DE responsible for loss of wages for the next job? He was not a full time employee for the state but this injury that occurred during his coaching prevents him from doing his next seasonal job? Just thought I'd put that question out there.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Seasonal Job (Coach) - What if the Injury Makes It Impossible to Do Your Next Job

    if his doctor certifies the employee as temporarily disabled then he is eligible for temporary disability payments.
    once he has reached maximum medical improvement permanent disability is available.
    more here

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