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    Default Broadspire Trying to Close Claim

    I was injured 8/31/09 and have had 2 surgeries on my knee. My last surgeon agreed that I need a knee replacement, but Broadspire is trying to close my claim stating that mild arthritis from 2007 was a pre-existing condition and I've reached max medical. I've had 2 IMEs over the years and they are saying they have a preponderance of evidence from the 2 IMEs to close my claim, even though my Dr. never agreed to either one of them. Anyone have any suggestions on an attorney or if I should talk to L&I directly?

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    Default Re: Broadspire Trying to Close Claim

    Evaluating medical evidence is best done by an atty specializing in workers comp.
    Contact your state or county bar for a referral.

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    Kneebow here,
    So what if you did have a diagnosis of mild arthritis from 2007, it sounds like the arthritis was aggravated from your injuries and has caused significant medical problems, in which a total knee replacement is necessary. If you don't have an attorney you need one immediately. One that specializes in workers comp cases. At this point that is the only person you should be speaking to about your claim! Please call one as soon as tomorrow!

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