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    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: NY

    I wanted to share my story, I had my SSD hearing on 3/18/2013 in front of an ALJ. I was told it can take months to get a decision by my attorney. I prayed to Saint Anthony and Saint Jude and here it is April 9th and I received a fully favorable decision. To everyone who is waiting for SSD or an appeal, have faith and pray about it prayers really do work. When you pray believe your prayers and in your faith GOD is surely good so are the Saints that are right there with him.

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    Thank you for sharing and congratulations..I am only a few weeks into the process and have been told they most likely will not make a decision much before the middle of the summer..Time will tell..

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    Good luck, I know how hard it is to wait I will say a pray for you.

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    Good luck to you ,my alj decision took 3 months and fully favorable,dont give up

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