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    And how can i hire an attorney if they all tell me to wait till the mmi is complete. Im all about getting council if i can find one to help me now
    THere is a huge difference between completing treatment and reaching MMI, vs a settlement offer you won't know is "unjust" or not.

    The atty is tellling you to finish your treatment to a MMI status... THEN come see them... you could sign with an atty now, if they'll agree.

    You are not entitled to a cash are entitled to weekly benefits based on your impairment rating when you reach MMI.
    That and access to future medical. You may or may not require the services of an atty unless there is a disptue over the PPD rating.

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    Gotcha. Thank you guys for all the advice. I guess from here I wait and see what happens. The one legal aid I spoke with told me they would be glad to review/interpret anything I was unclear about free of charge. Thank you again and i will repost when anything progresses.

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