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    Default Getting an Impairment Rating

    Hi guys. I have posted before.. since then I won my hearing and have been receiving benefits.

    I am currently doing vocational rehab, and I will be going to a 2 year school.

    my questions start with this.

    I called work comp to ask questions.. first off she said that they do not settle claims. (was trying to explore all options)

    then she said that if I want an impairment rating I have to file something and then travel to ND to an appointment to get one,

    my questions are this.
    1.) I thought they do settle, I don't know If she is lying or what
    2.) what do I have to file to get it,
    3.) what are the pros and cons of traveling up there for a rating

    before I start school, I wanted to explore a settlement because I was going to go to school for construction management. but its a 4 year degree and they only cover 2 years,

    it seems like I am getting the run around and I am willing to go thru the school but if there is an amount I can be comfortable with I would rather be done with them all together. I have been dealing with them almost 2 years now, and the thought of 2 years of school and 5 years of benefits after is really unappealing to me.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I am at MMI and I have permanent restrictions from my neck and shoulder. so I should be guaranteed a rating

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    Default Re: Getting an Impairment Rating

    where did you get your information about settlements in North Dakota?
    each state has different rules.

    the pros and cons are: if you don't travel then you won't be rated.

    to find out more about work comp in North Dakota

    accepting work comp benefits is voluntary-you can walk away at any time.

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    Default Re: Getting an Impairment Rating

    I asked directly to my claims adjuster. her specific words are "the state of North Dakota does not make settlements"

    I asked her about getting an impairment rating and she stated that I had to fill out some form, and if I was eligible then I would have to go up there for the appointment.

    I have been doing all treatment. in march I had cortisone shots in my neck which did no good. and the doc said that there was nothing more to do than surgery, which im not a candidate for since im too young. not a viable option until I am older.

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    Default Re: Getting an Impairment Rating

    Hello, I am in a similar situation. I realize however this thread is two years old. Possibly you could give me some insight, it would be much appreciated. I injured my back February 2013. I'm at the stage you were at in this post. Minus my MMI rating. I was injured in North Dakota and live in WA. I'm near the point where WSI is going to request I get an mmi rating. All the while I have been Taking ACT tests and whatnot for retraining. My employer fired me after no light duty. I'll never return to that line of work nor any line of work I've went to school for. My restrictions for lifting are 10lbs. No bending, stooping, kneeling, etc. I have been on ttd for over a year now. My question is, are they really going to "retrain" me? Im 26 years old. Multiple certifications. I get the max weekly payments, what could I possibly do in two years that I could make the wage requirements they need me to meet? Let alone with my permanent restrictions I will have. It seems as though they are getting more caught up with retraining rather than healing my condition. But that's the story since day one. I fought for 7 months just to get my claim accepted. I was forced to work full time during that time... which is also the most crucial time to be treated for lumbar injuries... I was hoping you could shed some light on the situation. Hope all is well. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Getting an Impairment Rating

    Any update on your case? I am reaching the point that the Dr is going to MMI me for a knee injury and I am really confused on what will happen next and WSI hasnt been much help.

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