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    Question Re-Injury of a Workers Comp Injury, but Off the Job

    I dislocated my shoulder in 2008 on the job, and received workers comp benefits until I recovered to the point when I was released to return to work without restrictions.
    A while afterwards, My attorney at the time filed for an additional allowance for anterior shoulder instability, type 1 labral tear, and right rotator cuff syndrome. The industrial commission ruled that the allowance was to be granted on the grounds of a "substantial aggravation of a previous injury" based on a medical report from a doctor who I have never seen. I have no recollection of an injury previous to 2008.
    I was back at work and all was well and good until recently in March 2013 I re-dislocated the same shoulder in the same way again, but this time it was off the job.
    My injury required surgery again, and I am now on short-term disability, and not able to work. I was covered under FMLA for 12 weeks, but on may 8th my employer released my position. I am still receiving disability benefit payments, and my employer told me I would need to re-apply for another position after recovery.
    Am I eligible to receive workers comp benefits for the recent re-injury? and if so how do I do that?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, Thank you in advance
    ~Nichole Rigsby

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    Default Re: Re-Injury of a Workers Comp Injury, but Off the Job

    off the job aggravations and new injuries to the same body part are not covered under prior work comp injuries/employers.

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    Default Re: Re-Injury of a Workers Comp Injury, but Off the Job

    No WC. But once you are released to return to work, if your ER cannot bring you back, file for UI benefits, wait for the state to make a decision.

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