My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: TX
I had a multi level lower fusion with cages and instrum L-5 L-4-L-3 among several other procedures, and a bone growth stim. When I was getting PT she would do deep tissue massage my lower back and buttocks,hips. She could feel the nerves they felt like little lumps she would apply pressure and I would scream, she made me deep breathe until the nerve relaxed, and on to the next. But according to her I had so many, she could never finish. So in the last couple days it hurts to sit flat I can feel the nerves all tensed up, it's crazy. It feels like I am sitting on a small stone. And the spasms won't stop, using zanaflex it helps a little but as soon as I walk,lay down pretty much anything. I know it's a long recovery, but I was curious if any of you experienced these things. And if you ever found something that helped you, I can walk just a few feet with walker.
Thanks Sheila