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    Default Poor Treatment for L5 Annular Tear

    So, On March 27th, I injured myself at work, and went to see my personal doctor. He suggested I have an MRI and thought my SI joint was out of whack.
    I din't get the MRI, because he also told me to file a workmans comp claim since it happened at work.

    I did. My supervisor would not send me the paperwork, so I looked it up myself. I sent it to her on the 29th, and she filed it on April 1st. At this time I was just starting my own physical therapy, but now i had to see their doctor. When I went to see their doctor, she was very rude. She even pushed me and pretended that she tripped. She did not want me to continue to see the physical therapist...mostly because she wanted to write it up as nothing was wrong with me. She even wrote that it was my weight. My doctor said it had nothing to do with my weight. A week later, she dismissed me because I tried to bring my fiance into the office with me because I did not trust her not to hurt me again. She said workman comp patients could not have anyone back with them. I requested a doctor change. Much better doctor, and finally someone who believed me, and showed some sort of bedside manner. So, I went for a month of therapy, and nothing happened. Then I went for the MRI. It showed I had an annular tear in the L5, but it also showed that I had disc dessication in it too as well as T10 and T 11. So, the prior years of back pain in my upper back and stuff was because of the early disc degeneration that I had just learned of, but the disc annular tear happened at work.
    I still maintained my job the best I could. Eventually I was in so much pain and on so many meds that i couldn't do it any more. June 19th, My boss and I had a huge blow out. He refused my FMLA. He said it was for people who had cancer and if I went on medical leave I most likely could not have my psition back if I returned. It ended with me hanging up and him consistently calling me. I also was sent an anonymous email with their plans to terminate me shortly after that conversation. The HR consultant tried to say that it was meant in a way to go ahead and let me go on the FMLA. I'm not an idiot. I know better. So, now I'm waiting on the WC to approve me for injections, but the dr note says that I'm supposed to return on the 11th, but I haven't received the injection yet. Nor do I know how long it's going to take to heal from the injection afterwards or if it will even take. The doctor even wrote in the notes to the WC that it might not take and if it doesn't that I will have to undergo decompression surgery., but when the HR guy called he said sooo, you'll be going back on the 11th, after I've repeatedly told him to read the notes. I don't understand these people.
    I go to the WC attorney Tuesday to see if they will take my case, but I dn't have alot of money. I hope everything will work out. I imagine I'll lose my job in the end, but it won't be for misconduct ,because I haven't done anything.
    They are trying though. They are telling me I have to stay out of the restauraunt, but I didn't think they could do that.

    It's their fault it even happened. The tile on the floor was so bad to begin with, and he knew about it for months. The camera will show that. If I hadn't had to step over that cord so many times and bend or twist so many times it might not hav ehappened. They even fixed it two days after it happened. So you tell me if they thought it would help them stay out of trouble after they learned I blamed them.

    They have really good pros to them, but honestly, I don't know if I have ever worked for a company that I've ever distrusted so badly and that wants to get rid of me simply because I was hurt.

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    Default Re: L5 Annular Tear-Poor Treatment

    That's the way it goes. You are now a liability to them. You don't need money for a lawyer,most offer a free consultation. They get paid when you get paid. Good luck and God bless you.

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