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    Default Can I Argue an MMI Rating in New Mexico

    I have previous back survery on my l4 l5 disc. approximately 4 1/2 years ago. I eeinjured my back at work a couple months ago and have been doing therapy and seeing my doctor. He has given me an mmi rating of 1%. I cant even pick up over 5 pounds when my back is hurting due to disk slippage. when the disk is in place I can pick up about 70 pounds. The disk keeps going in and out and doctor said im at mmi at 1 %. This is a wc doctor. Should I get a lawyer or just settle with wc? Can I dispute my mmi?

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    A little more info, I have called an attorney and he has told me he cant do anything while I am employed at my job. My doctor has told me no returning to my current job and my employer has nothing else for me. Should I just turn in my letter of resignation and call the attorney since I cant go back to my job anyway?

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    Default Re: Can I Argue an MMI Rating in New Mexico

    You should not do anything until you sit down with the atty and get a review and legal opinion of your next actions... do not voluntarily resign from your current employer.
    TALK to the atty FIRST.

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