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    I had a L4-L5 lobectomy back in April 2013. Today I was released to return to work by my nerosurgeon with a 6 week restriction on lifting only 30 lbs. and bending, twisting.
    There was no permanent imparment percentage set. In September I am scheduled to see a Doctor appointed from the Workmans comp ins company here in NH.
    Is it possible to return to work without no permanent percentage set, or is it possible I am completely cured and have no permanent percentage of disability.
    Not too sure of any of the laws or procedures involved for workmans comp. does the Ins. Doctore establish the permanent percentage?

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    an impairment rating can't be given until maximum recovery has occurred.
    many patients return to work especially with some temporary limitations or restrictions ((light work) prior to an MMI determination.
    any doctor can perform an impairment rating. New Hampshire requires that the AMA 5th edition be used.
    if your wages are reduced due to the modified work you may be entitled to some reduced disability payments during that period.
    more here


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