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    Default Eye Damage from Work

    Hi there,
    im writing on behlaf of my wife,
    my wife has been hairfdresser for 12 years and recently we just found out she has severe case of dry eyes and pingucalitis (PING: if thats how u spell it) she has over 2 legion in both eyes and her eyes are always hurting/burning with high light exposure leading to migrains and sometimes nose bleeds.
    We have come to the conclusion that this is the outcome of her working with color (she is color technician) for 12 years for the same company is a workspace that has no ventilation and no eye protection is provided and she works with prexoide, ammonia, bleech, color, lightners and relaxers. We recently went to thailand to see eye specalists as there was too much of a waiting list here in Canada and the local doctors all gave her all different diagnoses one even told her she has glaucoma. We just got back from Thailand and we have in writing her symptoms and dr. even wrote that it may of been the cause of being around chemicals as there is not enough sun exposure in Toronto to cause such damage and advised her not to work with chemicals.
    So its a fact that once you have dry eyes there is no cure and only treatment.
    So the reason why i am writing this is cause we are very confused and she does not know what to do or who to see?? We know that we should speak to a lawyer and we will be calling one this week from the labour board. She has not returned back to work as she left on medical note saying she will be back in March 2013. Her employers have no idea this has happend.
    We have been told to send someone from Ministry of labour to do a safety check so we can get on paper that there is no ventalation put into place (apart from door that opens closes in small space) and no eye protection provided. My wife now wants to take a new carrerr as she is scared she might loose her site is she continues to go back and work with color.
    Will the government help her with funding taking new carrerr and getting reeducated?
    Do you guys think she has a case?
    Any advice would help alot guys so please let me know what i should do in this situation and advise my wife. She is ver stressed and all she has been doing is using her savings and soon it will run out!!
    So any advice would help.
    Thanks so much !!

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    Default Re: Eye Damage from Work

    The first thing she needs to do is inform the employer to get the claim process started.

    Here's the Canada resources, find your Province and go from there.

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