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    Default Being Forced Back to Work by Job and Workmans Comp

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Montana.

    I work in the produce department for a wal mart store , we were short handed and over worked. Our bosses would not give us the adequate help needed to put away our double and triple ordered loads that they kept ordering when we told them that it was to much. I was not given help to put the load away ( that we did not have the room to fit in the cooler ) and told the management that if they continued to work me that hard without extra help that they would end up working me into a hernia.

    I got worked into a DOUBLE hernia and have been off since my surgery on july 15th. I went to the doctor on august 19th for a follow up and was told that we would discuss my returning to work on light duty after another follow up on September 3rd. The very next day ( august 20th ) I get a call from work saying that I am on the schedule and asking why I am not at work!! According to them they said that I said that I had been released to come back to work on that day, when I had not even got to contact workmans comp about my doctor visit yet!!

    I then got in contact with workmans comp and tried to figure out what was going on, they had already called up my doctor and made it to were I was supposed to be coming back to work the next day without contacting me about what the doctor had said.

    Shouldn't I have been a little more involved in this? I am now getting forced back to work under duress in my viewpoint onto light duty, I will be expected to go back to work and stand for 8 hours a day answering the phones. I still have pain and numbness in my abdomen and have problems standing for long periods.

    Am I wrong thinking that I should be considered in what's going on involving me and my body?

    Joseph Devlin.
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