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    Exclamation Settling Lifetime Medical for a Lump Sum Payment

    Hello everyone:

    Several years ago I injured my back on the job the case was settled with Life Time Open Medical. I have not returned to the previous Employer because I now have severe lower back and right leg nerve damage. I am presently waiting for a court date to see a judge over Disability as we all know is a long waiting game. Because of the waiting game I have loss my home of 10 years and pretty much everything I own. The Work Comp Insurance called me up a few weeks ago and they asked me if I would be interested in selling my Life Time Medical Benefits after the Dr informed them if I had another surgery it would cost them more then $50,000 for second surgery. I simply stated to the Insurance Company that it would depend on what your company is offering to me. I realize this is something I should not sell but because of the severe hard ship I am in I really don't have much of a choice. What would be a reasonable offer to sell it for? I also realize this is a touchy subject and that we do not always get what we think we should get and I know as for pain goes there is no amount of money that could ever replace my pain. They asked me how much would I take and I told them you shoot me sum figures and we would go from there. Any advice is appreciated. Thank You
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    Default Re: Selling Life Time Medical

    No way!!!

    Do not do it!

    Give them some totally ridiculous number!!!!

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