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    Default Primary Care Doctor Told My Spine Doctor I Was a Possible Addict

    I have been on trt shots for years , i had labs done for my work comp case because , i had severe bruising show up on my back after a spinal injection a week later. My work comp doctor asked what meds i was on and wanted to see if anything i was on could cause the bruising(drug interaction) . My labs came back and my testosterone level was 1500.

    My work comp doctor called and talked to my primary care physician that prescribed my blood pressure meds along with my testosterone. My primary care physician told my work comp doctor i was a possible addict and that he runs a clean clinic and he is close to retirement.. How in the hell can you be addicted to testosterone? 1. Im fat well pudgy not in shape, 2. i have full custody of my child so i have no time to do anything i wanna do.

    I was originally started on test because my test was a 64 , and my thyroid levels were off. The VA paid for everything i am prior military. I have all my medical records online , so i pulled them and emailed my work comp doctor going back all the way to 2009 . it shows my test dosages and amounts. I gave the records to my work comp doctor.

    My primary care physician called me and said i could no longer be his patient because i missed a couple of appointments. I work in the oil field sometimes i just cant make them due to stuff coming up all the time , but i always called to reschedule.

    I got the letter of my primary care doctor , and it basically stated that he could no longer be my primary doctor. at the bottom in (Hand written form a note said "The Va is a more appropriate place for someone like me" )

    I emailed all this to my lawyer along with the letter .

    My question is can they stop my TTD checks because of this , and could i sue the doctor for slander ? Need advice about this from you guys , tell me what ya think.

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    Default Re: Primary Care Doctor Told My Spine Doctor I Was a Possible Addict

    They can cut TTD over anything or nothing, depends on the adjuster.
    They may make hay of it but it probably won't stand in the end, she did refer you to the VA, meaning you still need treatment.
    Be cool about missing appointments, that's a good way to bring attention to your case and cause problems.

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    Default Re: Primary Care Doctor Told My Spine Doctor I Was a Possible Addict

    I don't follow why the PCP would refer to you as an "addict." That is normally used when someone is dependent on a controlled substance. I think you are good to be rid of that PCP.

    Keep your lawyer informed of all this and let your lawyer deal with the comp carrier. Hopefully there will not be any negative repercussions from this in the comp case. Unless you are taking narcotic pain meds or sleep meds, it seems to be less than credible that he would call you an "addict."
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