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    Default My Attorney Refuses to Let Me Settle My Case

    I have went through the surgeries , therapy, PPI ratings and workers comp process and at this point the IC has offered me what I feel is a very generous and reasonable settlement offer but includes waiving future Medical.
    My Lawyer absolutely refuses to allow me to accept the offer, he would rather have me wait for months go through a trial to fight for rehabilitation benefits that I could possibly loose... He says the WC board may not approve the Settlement offer so he won't try if it involves a Medical release. This makes no sense to me. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: My Attorney Refuses to Let Me Settle My Case

    Listen to your lawyer.
    I would never waive future medical unless it was a minor injury and I recovered 100%.

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    Default Re: My Attorney Refuses to Let Me Settle My Case

    It depends on your injury. In my case I had an index finger I split down the middle, involved surgery and PT. I settled and released medical treatment because it won't get any better. Same thing with my foot, a 2,000lbs block of wood crushed my foot and required a fasciotomy. I did the same thing because I only have scars and get bend my big toe downwards.

    It all depends on how you feel I suppose. If its the minimum PPI settlement for your injury it might or might not be worth it.

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    Default Re: My Attorney Refuses to Let Me Settle My Case

    I myself will waive future medical, I would rather take the cash and go else where, if I am having to fight the IC for everything now, I can anticipate I will be in and out of court trying to enforce any orders. I want nothing to do with these people after settlement.

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