Three years ago I was injured in the workplace, harming one of the muscles that moves my right eye. As a result I have permanent double-vision. I know that loss of binocular vision is included in the injury schedule used to determine impairment, however the loss of binocular vision itself is not the part of this issue that is causing me the most difficulty. With the constant double-vision, I now get migraines at least once per week, and usually more frequently than that. Prior to the injury, I'd gotten migraines only very rarely, and usually from food triggers, though there were a few instances of light-sensitivity triggering them. Now, exposure of more than a few hours to fluorescent lights, CRT monitors, reading, writing, or anything that requires precision will bring on a migraine. It has caused me to miss large amounts of work, and is undoubtedly the most damaging part of my injury. I do not know if this is covered under worker's compensation law or not, but it seems as though the worker's comp insurer is ignoring that portion of my case entirely.