ok here is what happend i was injured on jul 1st i slip and fell i hurt my head and hip now have lower back pain but the docs are sayin they cant treat it cause i didnt complain about it at first well as of 9-19 the denied my claim on my bday lol. when i fell at work my employe joked about my knott on my head sayin could see it coming before me gave me a goody and said rest it off in the truck well 2 days past and he fired me said he found my pescription bottle in the truck said how i was feelin was side effects of the medication i kept asking him about seein a doc cause i was havin blurry vision sever head aches and hip pain he sent me to a urgent care and paid with his cc. when i found that out i sought legal advise and hired a lawyer. even though ive never talked to the lawyer but other ppl they told me since they denied me there filling something to appel it i dont know what to do im not making any money and the docs wont to do a mri of my brain but the insurance wont approve what to do has this happend to anyone and is there rules for bad faith claim on gettin fired?