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    Default C&R California Labor Code 139.5

    So I got my copy of the C&R signed off by the judge. I understand all of it except one thing. There is a box checked and says "This compramise and release does not settle Labor Code 139.5 benefits". I looked up the code online but don't understand it in technical terms lol can anyone tell me in simple terms what it means that it's " doesn't settle". What do I now have to do to settle 139.5 with them?

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    Default Re: C&R California Labor Code 139.5

    code 139.5 relates to Vocational Rehabilitation. Your obtaining Vocational Rehabilitation relates to your "injury PD rating" and your ability to return to work. If you do not have an attorney; appears you do not, I recommend that you consult with your workers compensation office in regards to this. You would receive funds or voucher to rehabilitate you as well as PD funds while you are being rehabilitated. In addition Workers' Compensation would provide you with the benefits of a counselor who will interview you and provide you direction in your rehabilitation.

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