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    Default Unpaid Documented Mileage


    My insurance company refereed and approved treatment 65 miles from my home at 3 times weekly for 20 months, The I/C paid the bills in a timely manner and continued to renew treatment to this location.

    I filed mileage reimbursement monthly at which time I have received 6 checks throughout this process of treatment. These 6 checks were incorrect dating back 20 months one check i received in August 2012 was for January of 2012 for $89.00 etc.

    My Benefits have been terminated in the last 45 days with an outstanding balance of 18,321 miles unpaid at .556 equals $10,186.48 . My attorney tells me he has never seen this much mileage reported.

    I have documents from the treatment facility coupled with documented proof and their payments to this location. I still have 3 months that I have not submitted.

    What should I do?

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    Default Re: 18,321 Unpaid Documented Mileage

    What should I do?
    Tell your attorney to do his job, you shouldn't have to ask.

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    Default Re: 18,321 Unpaid Documented Mileage

    I still haven't been paid either and it has been 6 years. Exactly 14 months ago I had my final hearing and the order is to pay my travel/rx etc. Still waiting too!! Now I have another hearing scheduled in June. ( just so happens to be my family's vacation - any ideas on how to handle this one)))))))

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