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    Default Dont See How You Guys Get Through This

    I am new to the system and have spent time reading story's on the forum. So many issues injured workers and I have to deal with. Insurance company and their tactics, doctors that dont care about you, employers who harass you, then add 2/3 the pay plus pain, suffering, and mental stress. I am lucky that I think I will be better very soon and wont be permanently injured. But through this process I have had depression, anxiety, fear from not knowing what will happen, and even suicidal thoughts.

    If I was alone in this and did not have my family and was facing what some of you have faced I would break under the stress. My fight is not over, but these forums and the injured workers on it give me hope that I can get through this mess and return to being a productive member of society. I just wanted to say thanks, to those injured workers who shared their battle, and to those lawyers, doctors and nurses who fight for us.

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    Default Re: Dont See How You Guys Get Through This

    Thanks for your sharing. I too have felt these things as I go through my injury. I have the support of senior members on here. I read a lot of posts about similar situations and try and act accordingly. We have to advocate for ourselves. We must stay the course and plan for our future. I get as much professional support I can. Lawyers have to be involved for most. Therapy is good. Maintain friendships with family and friends. Keep the faith with the home fires burning.

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