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    Default Getting a Permanent Partial Impairment Rating

    I have been getting wage loss benefits, and doing retraining. I had DDD and DJD. no more treatment, just have to live with it.

    I filed in May to get a permanent partial impairment rating and subsequent amount for that rating. I was sent a letter today that they are denying my claim for benefits since my records show I would most likely not achieve "the minimum 14% rating" required to get the benefit award.

    I was always under the impression that any percentage is payable for a permanent partial impairment rating. and I have searched the guidelines and the usual minimum rating is 10% up to 20%. mine is pretty severe and my work accident royally screwed me up.

    does anyone have any advice on what I should write back to the decision review office to get this straightened out? any help would be appreciated

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    Default Re: Getting a Permanent Partial Impairment Rating

    Definitely write a letter to WSI stating you do not agree with the denial of your PPI evaluation. Also include the fact you are requesting a reconsideration of their ruling. I had the same thing happen to me and my lawyer requested they reconsider their decision. They re-reviewed my case and I was set up with my PPI eval which I had done last Wednesday. I suggest you write them a letter soon, though. Most of the time, they require you to file a request for reconsideration, in writing, within 30 days or so. Good Luck!

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