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    Default Face and Dental Injury at Work

    I had an accident at work 2 months ago, I was struck by a 800 pounds aluminum truss that was being lifted with a crane and hit me in the mouth,
    it pulled four of my front teeth out and left me with a big scar in my chin, my employer took me to a doctor (wound) and a maxillo facial surgeon
    (putted my teeth back-in) right after, I had to swallow my meals for the next two weeks, and haven't been able to eat properly since then, my teeth aren't
    on its original place and still are a little loose. now I am about to get an orthodontist to start the corrective process with braces. my employer took
    care of initial medical expenses and have been great about the situation and overall, but always trying to make it look like he is doing me a favor with
    the accident thing.

    I never complained about it, I went back to work 2 days after and never missed a day.

    lately, I've been dealing with a lot of stress caused by different circumstances and considering quitting on this job.

    do I have a case to claim on wci?
    should I get an orthodontist first?
    should I do it before/after I quit?
    do I need to get a lawyer?

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    Default Re: Workplace Injury

    do I have a case to claim on wci?
    What do you want to claim? You have no wage loss and you're receiving medical treatment.

    should I do it before/after I quit?
    If you quit, you forfeit any claim to wage loss, you'd still be entitled to medical.

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