Although the media doesn't want you to know it, is up and running.
Like every site on the net, including this one - there are some small glitches but most of the bugs that matter are fixed.
Because of the popularity of the A.C.A I would expect overload problems for the first few weeks, which may result in a message telling you to wait or receive an E-Mail when the site is available (how will we ever survive - the end is near!)

Of course the major networks focused on the 5% of the people who had to wait because the site was overwhelmed, it can only handle a measly 50,000 users at a time. (something that would crash most sites, including the major news networks)
I've yet to see one major news source report that the site is up and functioning without major problems. (they have to cover their corporate interests)
I've tested the site myself, I sailed through the process without one glitch, it worked perfectly.

Way To Go Obama!