I worked as a mover and was hurt at work on Nov 18 2013. On Nov 19 2013 I notified employer both verbally and written that I had been injured and needed to see a doctor. He refused and told me to "Suck it up"and It's your damn problem deal with it". Turns out he does not have Workman's Comp Ins. Have Filed paperwork with CO Div of Workman's Comp, waiting for paperwork to finish processing, but have yet to see a doctor. Live in an area where its a least an hour to a doctor, don't have health ins or money to pay for one and no transportation to get to one. Also Employer is my landlord, and now being evicted. Have called lawyers, been told:"We can help we will call u back after we look into it", no calls back. Went to health clinic, said because they are on sliding bases and my boss never filed paperwork for wages they can't help. Totally Stranded! Any ideas? Any at all?