The last couple years have been hard on me and my family, between medical and other issues that we were just barely recovering from when I was injured and it came at a very bad time.

My question is: Does anyone know of a good place for pre-settlement founding? I know about all the risks, the high interest rates, etc. I wouldn't do this if it wasn't a final straw. We are down to our last bit of funding and my family starts to lose things and won't even have money for our food. I hate to sound desparate, BUT I am.

I've had a Defense Base Act claim (NOT NOT NOT A state claim), although I live in Maine. I was injured overseas working with the USAF, had insurance company string me along for months only to state "oh your released back to work", even though even their IME has stated I have probable permenant nerve damage!.....then the lawyer I hired dropped my case for about 2 months because the assigned atty took maternity leave!

I lie awake all night even when I'm not in pain because I'm so worried, I have thought about other things I don't even want to discuss and admit......I'm on my last nerve just trying to figure out how a system can be so broke and a families can be asked to lose everything, just to get fair treatment!