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    Default What is a Typical Settlement for Total Knee Reconstruction

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: North Carolina.
    On 10/1/2012 I was injured on the job when my load(solid oak doors) fell on me knocking me out of the trailer.
    My injuries include A fractured Tibia,Torn ACL-MCL-PCL-LCL,MENISCUS ALL CARTLEDGE and TENDONS(total blow out and fracture)
    As I landed my right foot planted and my body kept twisting. Instantly I felt and heard the bone break and all my ligaments blow apart.
    I have had two surgeons so far after being turned down by 5 other doctors due to the severity of my injury. I have had two surgeries since then,
    Which the first surgeon (CBJ) on 10/12/2012(11 days after injury) just tryd to put my knee back together good enough ,pins,screws and removal of some cartiledge just to get me through to the next surgery which I had on 5/12/2013 by a new Surgeon (OC).
    After my first surgery was completed and PT was started My Workers Comp switched me to a different surgeon.(reason why ,read further)
    The 2nd surgery in May 2013 was to repair damage from the injury plus what the first doctor did not complete. Also repaired was 6 unfilled holes the first surgeon didnt refill or document in his report to workers comp.
    During this 2nd surgery(bone graft) bone was removed from my hip to replace the bone holes that were drilled n not filled.
    Also my Meniscus was removed and all ligament attachment points in my knee.Total clean out.
    All tendons were either severed and or removed.
    All cartiledge was removed.
    I now walk with a cane a custom brace and every step is bone on bone.I also have sever nerve damage from my hip to my ankle which is always numb and has no feeling..May or may not return doctor says.
    I'm due and have been approved for a 3rd surgery scheduled for January of 2014 to do a total right knee reconstruction.
    After this surgery and some intense PT my doctor says I should walk a lot more normal and may possibly return to work at some point.
    I did retain a Lawyer the day before my 1st surgery and couldnt be more pleased.
    Question 1- How long after my 3rd surgery and PT does it take for my doctor to determine my perm rating?
    Question 2- What is the average settlement/compinsation for this type of sever knee injury?
    My weekly benefits from WC are $413.81,I have been recieving a check of this ammount since 7 days past the injury.
    Plus rumor has it my company is going to ask for a voluntary resignation upon being released by the doctor in the future.
    Ive asked my Lawyer these questions but he never gives me an answer I can understand, he says I will be ok and smiles. I like him and trust his professional wit. But if you can crunch these numbers for me to give me some idea as to what type of $$$ Im looking at it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: North Carolina Workers Comp Average Settlement for Total Knee Reconstruction

    There is no one who can give you a $$$$$$$$$$ amount need to get a MMI rating and future medical ,I recommend you leave your medical open....

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    Default Re: What is a Typical Settlement for Total Knee Reconstruction

    Quote Quoting Cammie77 View Post
    I had mcl repair,acl replacement and microfracture surgery after getting hurt at work now I have to have a second surgery to replace all of my knee cartilage does anyone know a possible settlement outcome for this type of injury
    Depends on if you're represented by an attorney or not.
    The only way to find out is to consult a lawyer and have him analyze the details of your claim - there's no such a thing as a average settlement, they vary depending on several variables.

    Moderator Responses are based on my personal bias, experience and research - They do not represent the views of the admin nor may be accepted in the legal community, always consult an attorney.

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