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    Default Severed Tendon Injury Requiring Surgery

    So I cut my right hand at work (I'm a chef) severing both tendons in my right ring finger. this required 2 surgeries to, ahem "repair". one tendon never took, or re-ruptured (the doctor isn't sure which). I completed physical therapy sometime in august, and was determined to have permanent-partial disability. it's now been 4 months and I've still not received any compensation, or notification that I'll be receiving any in the future. Also, I've now received a bill from my doctor saying that NHMTA is now refusing to pay for some of the therapy visits and reparative splints which the doctor ordered, and was told that they had authorized. I should also note that early on this same provider delayed my receiving a dyna-splint which would have lessened my disability had i been given the opportunity to use it properly. They delayed it for 2 mo, causing my finger to completely heal in a protracted, or curled up state. Anyone reading this should find it painfully obvious that i need to retain legal counsel...which I'm currently looking into. However, my questions are as follows...

    1. Does anyone else have a story about this provider (NHMTA) they would be willing to share?
    2. How long does it typically take to receive permanent impairment awards?
    3. Is there any way, given that i have evidence of misconduct on behalf of the carrier, that they can be held liable for exacerbating my condition?
    4. Is it legal for a provider to authorize treatment and then refuse to pay for said treatment?
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