My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Nebr

My WC "complex claims" manager cancled my PPD because I had a procedure done and missed 1 day of work in the period. I have had this same scenario several times in the past with no issues from them. I always have used my personal paid time from work if I needed time to recover. I didnt submit for TTD so how can they take it appon themselves to issue it. To complicate things my employer canceled my PPT and paid my salery. When I argued this with WC she said I cant get paid both my salery and TTD. I replied I didnt ask for TTD and I also had my PPT reinstated so my employer didnt pay my salery. They sent me a check for less than 10% of what my weekly PPD is and it was like 2% of a weekly TTD check. I didnt cash the check. So in retaliation I ran a report from the pharmacy from 6 years back and sent them a request for mileage reimbursement.

Can WC issue TTD on their own without me requesting it? Can they dismiss an entire week of PPD because of 1 day? How did they arrive at that measly check they sent out?

It seems like ever since I requested an FCE and they recieved the report with sedentary restictions thier attitude has changed. Plus neither my employer or WC has acknowledged the report and its been 5 months but thats fine with me for now. Its typical of how this entire case has been handle by them. They sit back and wait to see if I know the system. Thanks to this site I have a pretty good idea!