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    Default Can You Go to Worker's Comp Doctors in Other States

    I am seeking an attorney to start my workers comp claim as myy employer does not want to use workers comp. However, I am also preparing to move to a different state too. My question, Can I use doctors in the state I am moving to, or do I have to use doctors in sc where the injury occurred?

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    Also, Does anyone know how workers comp applies if an old injury was aggravated as a result of the new injury. I suffered a broken leg and damaged hip in a car wreck a number of years age and with the recent fall at work onto that same side, I now find that there is increased pain and soreness coming from the old injury area.

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    Default Re: Multi-State Medical Visits

    WC will not care about your old injury. They will try their best to make your current injury as small as possible. Do not trust a word WC tells you either. They will use everything you say against you. Moving is not the best idea until you get this settled or at least started with a good attorney. I thought I would not need one, I was dead wrong. What ever you do, do not talk to WC. Get that attorney, why, they will stall you out until that 90 days is up and send you a notice which says denied.

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