I am a 45 year old career firefighter with the city. I fell while getting dressed for a motor vehicle accident call while on duty. I reported the accident and went to the city doctor. I have been placed on no duty, crutches and a knee brace. An MRI showed that I tore the Lateral and medial meniscus on the left knee. I went to an Orthopedic Surgeon yesterday and was informed that on top of the torn meniscus I also have tendonitis, osgood shlatters (childhood), osteoarthritis, the femur and tibula are bone on bone as well as the patella and excessive fluid. The surgeon said that the meniscus tears could have been caused by the fall but it only exacerbated the other injuries. I was told that he could scope my knee, drain fluids and set me up on a schedule for pain management. This was a temporary fix and did not know how long it would work. He, the surgeon, said knee replacement was needed for a permanent fix. As of today Feb 11, 2014, I am getting a new brace and have a follow up appointment in 3 weeks.

My questions are:

1. Will workmans comp pay for knee replacement, since the other treatments are a temporary fix, and some of the other issues were preexisting not related to the fall injury?

2. I am a firefighter with 8 years in the department, is my career over, can I be terminated, what if any disability if I am let go.

3. Do I need an attorney?

Im in the dark and nervous about this, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have never had a WC claim or injury.

Thanks, Scott