Hi, not sure who to ask about this so hoping someone can help me here.

I ruptured my L5-S1 disc May of 2012 at work and ended up having a microdiscectomy a few months later. I was off work for about 4-6 months and received workmans comp. I improved during the winter and reached MMI March of 2013 with a 10% whole body impairment and received a Permanent Partial Disability lump sum around May and resumed full time duties. Later that month in May I re injured the same disc and they had to reopen my file and I ended up having yet another microdiscectomy on the same disc and then spent the next 4-6 months off work yet again.

My question is will I be eligible for another PPD settlement after reaching MMI again for the same injury? I still have some numbness in my calf and some lingering foot pain as well as occasional back aches, all of which I had the last time I was at MMI.

The bad part is that my job is partially dependent on performance bonuses which I wasn't able to receive for 2 years now due to being injured. At first I thought the settlement seemed like a pretty good deal, but not so much now if thats all its going to cover for life. I will still receive coverage for future medical as well from what I understand. I am 43.

As a lot of people who have had this kind of back injury, I am finding out just how much it affects the rest of your life. It will never be the same and I am constantly prone to flare ups, even from simple things sometimes.

Thanks for any input.