I just had an IME and the Dr said that I was MMI and that I would need to get off of all of my medications and that I wouldn't need any more treatment. He also said that I would no longer be able to do work that involves heavy lifting and that it's time for an FCE. I asked him if the insurance company would be hiring someone to come and take care of my son since I am completely unable to do it without my pain medication. Of course I knew the answer to this question. I just wanted to express that I honestly can NOT function without some kind of pain medication, which is true. I can't even get him dressed, change his diaper, etc. I have a hard time doing normal daily activities even with the medications. He had been referring to my injury as "inflammation" repeatedly. Just widespread inflammation, even though I have 3 bulged discs with 2 that are pressing on nerves and one that is torn. I have documented radiculopathy from EMG as well. Ugh! But I don't need any further treatment. My job is very, very heavy work. I don't know what this means for my job. I really need my medications. I can not take care of my son when I go unmedicated. I have been in contact with an attorney, who the dr that I saw has apparently known for years. He said that he recommends I get in contact with her. Um, why would I need to get in contact with her? Apparently I don't need any further medical treatment or anything! Does anyone know what happens now? I have an appointment with my treating doctor a week from now. Can I still go??