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    Default Worker's Comp Won't Cover My Back Injury

    On wc after tearing my meniscus at work. I complained within days after surgery that the knee was in pain and somethin was wrong. I told my therapists, my surgeon and my wc case manager over and over. After three months, they finally sent me for a new MRI which showed a new tear and new bobs bruising. Another surgery was scheduled, then my knee gave out and I injured my back. WC won't cover the back. Two questions. Can I make them cover the back since no one would listen to me, and 2) what recourse do I have since I can't go back to work for at least four months, have to wear a metal brace for twelve weeks and now may never be able to perform my job again due to the damage caused by the delay in testing.

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    Default Re: Complaining of Pain for Three Months

    Get a lawyer. You also need a Doctor to state that the back injury is related to the knee injury. Don't take crap from the insurance company. They are there to serve you, indirectly you pay for your workers comp coverage.

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    Default Re: Complaining of Pain for Three Months

    If the carrier is not willing to expand the description of injury and cover your lost wages, a Petition to Reinstate/Review will need to be filed. Before filing the petition, it would be a good idea to discuss the back and additional knee conditions with your doctor to make sure he/she will support a causal connection between the additional diagnoses and your original work injury. If you have a lawyer, you should definitely discuss this matter with your lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer, it is time to consider getting one.
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