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    Default Can You Get Lost Wage Benefits for Less Than 8 Missed Days

    My husband fell at work, broke his foot, and now has a cast and uses crutches to get around. His boss was worried about the work not getting done and encouraged my husband to come in before he made it to the eight day of being off. My husband being a good man and having a high work ethic, chose to go into work, even though half of his job requires him to stand and the doctor told him to stay off of his foot. Now my husband gets no workers comp loss pay benefits and no sick or leave pay. The company normally pays leave day benefits but they are not paying it because they say its workers compensation. My questions are below:

    1. Should a company pay their normally leave day benefits if the injured employee goes back to work before worker's compensation loss pay benefits kick in?

    2. What happens to those employees who live from paycheck to paycheck and fall under these circumstances? This seems to me to be against the intent of workers compensation.

    3. Is there anything that can be done?

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    Default Re: Can You Get Lost Wage Benefits for Less Than 8 Missed Days

    I was told no. That you basically get nothing unless you miss over 7 CONSECUTIVE days of work. So if you try to work part time or then work from home you won't get basically anything. Which makes no sense. I had to go to doctor appointments and physical therapy during the day missing hour or 1/2 days of work. Or I wouldn't even be able to get out of bed for two days but could on the third. I've missed in total about 2 months of work in the past year, but not all in a row or 7 days. So for those two months of missed time, I'm just SOL. I don't get paid for the time missed period. The laws in Michigan are NOT in favor of the injured worker at all. They are written in favor of the employer and really in the end the hurt worker is the one that pays both physically and financially.

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    Default Re: Can You Get Lost Wage Benefits for Less Than 8 Missed Days

    Since Michigan elected Snyder, the laws have changed, basically if you suffer a permanent, life changing injury - you're on your own.
    See this thread

    There is a seven day waiting period, pay starts on the eighth day.
    Here's the rundown.
    There is a seven-day waiting period to be eligible for wage-loss benefits. If your wage loss lasts longer than seven consecutive days (including weekends and holidays), you are entitled to benefits starting on the eighth day. If your wage loss continues for 14 days or longer, you are entitled to payment for that first week of disability. Weekly benefits are roughly 80 percent of your after-tax wages.,4682,7...870---,00.html

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    Default Re: Can You Get Lost Wage Benefits for Less Than 8 Missed Days

    When I got hurt, I had to take the first seven days as vacation days; comp kicked in the next week.

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