Hello - I was injured at work yesterday. I work in a small Manufacturing business. I am a part time employee. I am concerned on how I was treated with my injury and what I have been told to do in past injuries. I had two things happen yesterday. I was jolted with an electric shock hard enough to make me fall back on my but due to an open electric cord. My boss didn't say "are you OK" he just turned around and chuckled. His co partner was a little concerned with just how that could of happened. I went home as I wasn't feeling good. I then started to feel steel in my eye. I texted by boss that I thought I had a FB in my eye and no response. I also tried calling his cell no response. I went to the ER as I couldn't stand it and then to the eye Doctor today. I stopped by my work as I hadn't heard anything to tell them what happened. My boss slipped in a side door of the building and locked the door. I told his wife at the front office that I was in the ER and the eye doctor. No one said are you OK or even told me they would have the bill sent to them. What are my grounds for work comp be in force. I know they try not to send claims as they do want insurance to go up and in the past they told me to file under my health plan and they would pay the rest. They didn't in the past even asked about the bill. My wife wants me to quit this job....Any help would be helpful! Frustrated!!