suggestions and or help please. was hauling fuel to a location in a 18 wheeler, tryed to make a sharp turn at stoplight turn truck over...closed head injury larum team hearing issues and now i have a twitch...workers comp is paying me the max weekly they are paying doc bills. shoulder surgery 2 weeks ago...getting better there have nasty headaches loss of memory twitching loss of hearing( hearing apt next week) ive not contacted a lawyer as so far WC has done what it is supposed to do...Im concerned with these headaches and twitching..what if they dont go away?? Not back to work as to date..prolly wont be released from Ortho doc until late may. Work comp lady says after all said and done I have to retake my DOT physical...What if I fail??? Are there Total impairment ratings for my injuries?? Im confused about all this...I was making 1k a week now its the 602. cant live on that..gonna have to move ETC ETC any ideas suggestions or other would be greatly appreciated


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injury happened end of dec 2013