I think this is going to be an uphill battle for me too. I slipped on some ice while I was outside working. I pulled the muscle in my shoulder/neck region. When I was getting off my forklift I grabbed the handhold on the left side of my forklift my left foot went out from under me so quick I yanked my arm really good. I went into the walk in clinic because I had some tingling sensations in my fingers, elbow was twisted and scapula felt ripped.

I thought the precautions that the attending P.A. (physicians assistant) was a little excessive but I wore the neck brace to the hospital to get x-rays of elbow shoulder and MRI of my neck.

This is where the fun begins in 2001 I had cervical surgery to fix 3 discs that were damaged in a car accident. Well that is what WSI is focusing on now. It was also reported to my employer, the day after they received information that I have a metal plate (titanium) in my neck I was terminated under wait for it this state is an AT WILL state and we NO LONGER need YOUR services. I asked what I did wrong the HR rep said I am sorry I do not feel comfortable discussing our decision with we are stating ND is an at will stte and we do not need your services right now, you will be getting a letter from L**** in a couple of days. The HR rep said I can file for unemployment benefits and they will not fight the claim

I finally received the letter, it did not outline why I was terminated (like I was led to believe) it was a letter about COBRA.

I received another letter from WSI and they want to know more about the previous accidents that I have had to the area. That question is to ambiguous to answer in my opinion. If they mean just my sore muscles then it is NONE. My cervical issue was/is not muscular in nature it was a bulged disc (3). They are telling me that they want to know more about my cervical spine injury if it still bothers me what issues it has created any limitations I have