My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Louisiana

In 2012 I had to have two surgeries to my knee due to a fall at work, so it was covered under workers comp. However two months after the second surgery, my knee was injured while I was home on recovery. Workers comp would not approve another MRI, when my knee was injured since I was home recovering. I continued physical therapy and had more in January 201. Anyway, I went back to the orthopedic in January 2014 for a one year check-up and told him it was not right. Workers Comp approved an MRI and CT scan. I need two more surgeries. Workers comp is denying the surgeries, since it did not occur at work and so is my insurance, because it is under workers comp. The doctor is suppose to write a letter to someone but I am not getting any answers. It is a catch 22 and no one is giving.

However my employer made me get a work release from my orthopedic to state I can work in February, when he never pulled me off work. It was a checkup and then some test to tell me my knee was torn up again. He put me on light duty. Then I went to the doctor on Thursday March 27, 2014 for anxiety and inflammation in my chest and now they are making me get another release and the doctor never pulled me off work, so I have to pay another doctor to tell me I can work. My problem is that no one else in my office is required to provide a work release for anything. I just asked several co-workers after they were hospitalized within the last six months and others that were treated for various conditions if they had to provide a work release and they all told me NO. One of them never provided a release after child birth when she returned. I feel like they are harassing me. Are they legally right for only requiring one employee to provide releases when they have not been pulled off work, only been seen by a doctor?