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    Default Hearing Loss from an Industrial Injury

    verbatim.........100 percent loss according to AMA in right ear, 50.6 percent loss in left ear, combined percentage is 58.9 this translates into a 21 percent total body impairment secondary to his hearing loss alone....(been to 2 different hearing specs they say same thing)

    this was is 5 months after an accident work related...been recieving WC payments since all this started...i had shoulder surgery 2 months ago, tore labrum in same accident along with closed head injury..I have a tic now along with horrible migranes/ Im on all diff kinds of meds...mri cts all clear...PT for the first month for vertigo and now PT on shoulder for 6 more to date, WC is doing what they are required to nero doc says this could take up to 2 years (headaches and tic) and may never go away....obvisouly Im not at max med yet on anything other than the hearing as doc indicates its permanant...

    I have not obtained a lawyer yet, I just dunno if i need one..I need some advice here guys and gals....Im also trying to put a pencil to my hearing loss as far as what I may be entitled to on the lump sum end...I cant find any scales on the formula for this...can anyone help???

    Also, ins company is federated...thanks so much for any advice or help......

    ps. and max in arkansas on the weekly payments is 602.00

    I keep thinking of things to add..Along with all this, should I try the SSDI and see if I can get anything..Having trouble making ends meet. I know it will be offset due to my WC
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