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    Exclamation Requests for Help Denied by Worker's Comp

    Just venting I suppose, but, I have been on work comp for three years, they have mentally broke me, I am in pain all the time. Though it took a long time to get the IC to accept my claim, anything I ask for is being denied, MRI's, thought I would chance it and ask for a mattress since I have to be in pain, thought maybe until I can get further with treatment/surgery, that this might help, nope, denied, I ask for smaller things, heating pad, shoes, pillows, nope, denied, MRI's denied, EMG (I think that is what it is for brain activity), nope, that was denied too. Eye doctor denied, ENT denied.....I can only assume that the request for the surgeries will be denied too. I am so depressed, the pain has taken it's toll, a long time ago, but mentally, I can not take it anymore.

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    Default Re: Requests for Help Denied by Worker's Comp

    Your doctor need to fill out the new RFA (request for authorization) form, along with the PR-2 form, and medically necessary items will be approved .UR will have 5 days to review

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