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    Default How Can I Reach MMI

    Hi , i live in the state of Ca., Recently the Pqme release me to work, he said my injury is not work related, any ways a suplemmental report after 2 months arrive, and he changes his mind, nothing big the lowest rating 1% and 2%, any ways, i wonder this what it calls MMI.. a mean, i dont have no tharaphy, no medicine, nothing, PQme take me everything away, so in a "Status Conference" insurance offer me money, but im not ready to sign iet, i have a bad depression, but they want to take me to trial.. my lawyer, he said at this point there is nothing to do, only a "Cross Examination" so.. i read i cant collect PD payments cause i didnt reach 3% or somenthing like that.. so can some one told me where am i... its over? or what is all that circus, cause event though the PQME rated me with that minimoun rating the insurance comp hired a detective to follow me.. Why? my lawyer said its over... so whats next.. i dont understand this system.. too much time, too much stress, too much lies... can some one give me some pointers here..

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    I don't know much @ workers comp, but from what you said it sounds as if it is over. It seems their detective may have documented you participating in activities you said you couldn't do. Therefore, with your attorney saying it is over. I think it means just that, it is over. FINISHED! I believe it means you will not get any sort of settlement. I am sorry

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