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    Default Notified That My Health Care is Being Canceled Per Company

    PLEASE READ AND PASS ON SHARE OR COMMENT I NEED HELP FIGHTING FOR THE WORKING PERSON.I want people to here my life right now, I was in an pole/line work accident may2013 ,on an end of line pole when a tree fell bringing with it the 7200volt primary,which I took a hit of, the tree then bounced on the cable/phone's strand (I was passed out after shock but was witnessed by new lineman I was training) and every bounce threw me around, ended up in hospital ,went back to work 3-4 wks later but kept complaining about headaches,forgetting things all short term and that my back and hip kept getting pains,DR.s (pcp) said back injury is my old one (work accident same L4/L5) and that to deal with it , it felt like a hot poker twisting ing my spine sending severe pain through right side,groinand leg ,but everyone just kept looking at the electrocution and brain and nerve damage ptsd/anxietyattacks which has been confirmed by 2 nuorolgists, 1 LSCW and a psychiatric specialist ,after 9 months of me still complaining and eating pain pills like candy (pcp) in sept. started noting injury on w/comp form as exhsaturbated by may accident , w/comp assigned me a care nurse when the company ,took me out of work at there doing ,I was trying to work and hide my issues because I was afraid of loosing my job that I love.But it became to obvious to everyone. the w/comp nurse said "you were shaken around like a tetherball no wonder your back and hip hurt" . W/comp sent me to a orthopedic specialist and mri's where he looked and said he could see exhsaturbation to the prior injury area (L4/L5) and it was caused by accident May2013 (now its Jan 2014) and my SI joint is damaged ,I told orthopedist that I had a back surgeon that did my last back injury ( injured doing same job remember that) and he said good idea 2nd opinion and he knows my back better ,Well now W/comp are denying appointments and payments ,needed back surgery especially after ending up in ER after back went out shut my legs down and caused loss of bowel control (told to go by w/comp nurse manager as it was in her opinion part of my injury).Well here we are today ,had to retain a lawyer to help as w/comp are denying any connection to the accident. I have had the surgery done and burning pain 1 weak later has gone just sore and swollen from the 10 hr and 5 incinssions that were needed to do job right.. This is where I now feel sick and unwanted by the company that I served for 14+ yrs like a dog everytime I was called I would work put /missed family and holidays to serve the company and bring services to customers. I received a letter saying I am now a non-fmla unpaid on leave employee and as of 7-2-2014, I loose my health care unless I pay $ keep it through july, when I said I was out on w/comp and NH law requires employer to pay benefits was told the company had moved me to this position and theres nothing I can do about it, The lawyer representing w/comp (says the company to) has notified my lawyer that I cannot have ANY form of contact with employees even socially, And please read this the lawyer has offered to settle if I sign a contract saying electrocution, brain and back injury where not work related (I pay the bills) ,I also have to resign from the company and they will pay me a settlement of about 18mths of pay ,which after lawyers and medical bills would leave me and my family homeless, All this is all I am worth ,But the ceo (ceo since jan 2014) after the company buy out will get a 80 million dollar bonus in shares and cash, even the cfo will get 11 million dollars.. I have told my lawyer there offer is an insult, PLEASE PASS this story on I need all the help I can get. thank you. Also found out that the company and other companies tied into accident never filed an OSHA report either and after 6 months OSHA don't care.

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    Default Re: Notified That My Health Care is Being Canceled Per Company

    you need an atty asap!

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