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    Default Settlement for an Eye Injury

    My husband back in June of 2012 has a nail go through his eye at work! They opened a work comp claim and long story short, has been told by the doctors, (4) of them that he has lost all (100%) vision in the eye! We hired an attorney an in the beginning he was excited for us and claimed we could possibly make this a Whole Body case and go from there. We are in Alabama! I questioned him and told him where I personally read that 80,000 was the max you could get on a eye injury and he quickly stated that was not true!
    Husband will never get vision back in his eye and the eye is pretty much just there for no reason, he has had 6 surgeries from the nail injury and now has Glaucoma in the eye, causing no vision in the eye! We hired the attorney back in Nov of 2013 an last week the workman's compensation attorney called with a 30,000 offer to close the case and leave open the medical. Our attorney countered without our knowledge with a counter offer of 45,000. Today we get a email from our attorney stating that the opposing attorney sent another counter offer being their final an last settlement offer of 27,000. Can someone please help me here??? I find that 27,000 is a very low number for loss of an eye and all vision in the eye. Am I wrong on this ?? Should we not take the offer and take it to court with the fear of getting nothing ?? We have never done a workman's comp settlement and we want to make sure we are getting what we are entitled too! Is there a formula for calculation on this ???


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    Default Re: Eye Injury Settlement- Need Some

    # 17 indicates how many weeks for the loss of eye 124 weeks --- his rating and average weekly wage will indicate amount

    Here is some reading on whole body

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    Default Re: Eye Injury Settlement- Need Some

    Thank you so much for the info!!

    I am just shocked at 27,000 for complete loss of vision in the eye. Our attorney wanted to do full body but, he is not saying he is unsure how he can make the eye a "FULL BODY" !! Personally I have not found many eye injuries with settlement amounts or hardly any eye injury cases at all!!

    Also from what the attorney told us today they will not pay average weekly wage, they will only pay up to $220 a week for pay. He was getting $600 pay a week from Work Comp!

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