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    Default Horrible Treatment After Work Injury

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Minnesota

    I am sure this is a recurring theme in the forums but I am new and have only read through some of them.
    I should note that I went into this job with PTSD (non-veteran), but my bosses are unaware of this. How I am being treated at work directly affects my ability to function emotionally outside of work.

    I was hired at a manufacturing warehouse as an administrative assistant and customer service rep. About a month into employment, my bosses increased the amount of work I was doing in the warehouse. After I had been working in the warehouse for a long period of time I finally asked them why and they said because I didn't meet their expectations as an admin but didn't want to just fire me. Instead they moved me to the warehouse without discussing any changes of employment with me. I didn't want to get fired so I kept on with them.

    2 months into working for them, I injured my wrist and developed a wrist strain and tendonitis. I was lifting heavy boxes above head height. I was told for the first week of my injury that they had no work for me to do so I stayed at home. A few days ago I started working again but my work limitations stipulate that I cannot use my injured hand at all.

    It is difficult to find one-armed work in an industrial warehouse, but the work I was assigned to concerned me. I talked to my boss about limiting my work hours so I would lower the risk of overcompensating with my good hand. I told him I wanted to talk to my doctor before work the next day.
    His response was: "I'm trying to make this fair, but work comp isn't fair to employers. They are telling me that the best thing for everyone involved is to have you working and if you can't do the work then I don't know what to do. I want someone to make this fair for me too."

    Now they have me doing a combination of assembly with one hand and office work (that requires two hands) like cutting things with scissors. I feel like I am required to do this because if I complain they will have nothing for me to do, and they will tell me that I'm not making this easy on them.

    My boss constantly asks for updates about my condition but when I do he complains. He harasses me with questions about physical therapy and then demeans me by accusing me of not following doctors orders, all because the injury hasn't healed yet. (It hasn't even been a month since I was injured)

    I was treated fairly poorly before but now I feel like I am just being forced into quitting. I feel like I'm an expendable part of their team since the injury.

    I am all set for sending in an e-mail today saying I quit but I want advice on how I should go about this before I make that decision.

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    Default Re: Horrible Treatment After Work Injury

    If you quit, you forfeit wage loss payments but retain medical, that's exactly what they're shooting for - don't give it to them.
    Just go to work, keep your restrictions and do the best you can, force them into firing you for non-performance.
    If they fire you, you will be eligible for wage loss plus medical, a much better outcome.
    Don't quit, hire a lawyer.

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    Default Re: Horrible Treatment After Work Injury

    Don't quit, that is what they want you to do, that is why they moved you to the warehouse, they are going to make life as hard as they can on you to get you to quit so they won't have to pay UI. Listen to your doctor and only do what he has is instructed, if your employer asks you to go outside the scope of it don't! Keep your head high and stay strong, do what ever it takes to keep strong.....good luck!

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    Default Re: Horrible Treatment After Work Injury

    The above information is what you need to do. you have to have a lawyer yesterday, trust me! Your lawyer will need all your information on your injury, too. Just don't be surprised if it takes a while, though.

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